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Every Wedding needs memorable decor. Let us Create your next Occasion.



No one has better rates in the 5 Boroughs, Long Island and New Jersey!


All packages include delivery, decorating, assembly AND pickup services AS listed above. Advertised prices for delivery are within 30 miles of Rosedale, New York. Anything outside of these parameters will incur a $2.00 per mile fee UNLESS otherwise noted in contract signed by Arden Occasion Creators, LLC Owner signature. NYS Tax amounts are not included in the above listed package price(s). All packages come with a 1 (one) TIME $45.00 consultation fee, which is to be paid in FULL, BEFORE consultation begins. complimentary Arden Occasion Creators, LLC folder and planning checklist(s) will be administered to each client before consultation is dispersed. Colors, decorations, flavors and miscellaneous arrangements are decided by the Client or can be at the discretion of the assigned consultant. ALL items marked with an asterisk (*), are available for a possible upgrade. Please ask your assigned event professional how to upgrade your package items. Selected and assigned, Professional consultants are based upon availability at booking. Packages are designed to reduce excess spending, keeping the Client from purchasing expensive items and services separately. Packages, cannot be altered in any way, unless noted above, or, signed/initialed by owner(s) on/in contract. Arden Occasion Creators, LLC cannot guarantee item selection, Arden Occasion Creators, LLC reserves the right to substitute item choices when particular items become unavailable or have been discontinued. Arden Occasion Creators, LLC guarantees to give ample notice when items are not available or are unattainable so the Client or approved assigned consultant, can choose something different or similar. Packages must be purchased in person in consultation. Arden Occasion Creators, LLC must survey the Client’s selected venue. Arden Occasion Creators, LLC will provide detailed information and professional assistance to all of the Client‘s options in their Venue of choice. The venue MUST be surveyed BEFORE signing Arden’s agreement and estimate.  ALL package changes MUST be approved by Arden Occasion Creators, LLC Management BEFORE signing of agreement. ALL upgrades within packages are based on availability. A 50% or 75%  Deposit is due at time of signing this agreement. Balance MUST be paid 1 (ONE) month (30 days) prior to event. If balance is paid LATE, the client will incur a $75.00 LATE CHARGE. Themes are welcome, at an additional charge of $50.00 - $350.00. ALL packages have $29.95 per ADDITIONAL guest fee. ALL of Arden Occasion Creators, LLC’s contracted professional vendors and servicers are Licensed and insured through the IPFS corp. PLEASE NOTe; Advertised prices are subject to change without notice.

Arden's waitstaff and Wedding decor are guaranteed to make a lasting impression.


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Are you a Mommy or Daddy-to-Be? Do you have a Birthday you're planning for? We can Create any theme and make any​ age a milestone!


Planning your Big Day? We can create a spectacular Wedding to remember.

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